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Benefit Management

Providing a Proven Path to Control Pharmacy Spend

HospiceChoice Rx works with Hospice and Palliative Care to structure a pharmacy benefit specifically for your organization. We begin each engagement with a conversation to get to know your goals and pain points in managing your pharmacy spend. Our team of experienced Hospice professionals will guide you through making the right decisions to generate significant cost savings and maintain clinical effectiveness for your patients.

Streamlining the Rx Process Through Technology
As a Hospice Pharmacy benefit manager, HospiceChoice Rx plays an essential role by connecting the hospice provider to high-quality, leading-edge technology with the understanding of how hospice providers are reimbursed. All pharmacy orders are managed through our powerful app. With a single login, staff can place medication orders and refills directly with the pharmacy and track fulfillment. Once filled and in real-time, the prescription is automatically sent to our claims processor for adjudication. The app contains a pre-loaded formulary to help guide clinicians toward drugs that are most appropriate for patients at the right cost.

Exploring How We Manage Pricing

HospiceChoice Rx is built around the mission of changing the way drugs are priced and purchased by hospice providers. We help hospice providers navigate negotiating and acquiring Rx benefits. We save hospices money and build revolutionary technology from the ground up to streamline pharmacy benefit implementation. Our goal is straight forward; we want to eliminate the confusion around prescription drug pricing and restore trust and confidence in a broken drug pricing system.

100% Pass-through drug pricing + No markups

Choosing the Right PBM Partner

Recommendations for an optimal hospice PBM deal that will ensure that you are positioned to offer cost-effective and transparent drug pricing to your hospice patients, families, and payers. Choose a PBM that:

You can trust, continue to build trust and are ethical

Does not have conflicted assets (unknown rebate sources or its own mail order division)

Will be patient as you learn how their service functions and will explain the true meaning of drug price transparency

Is willing to explain how they earn a profit

Will educate you on the finer points of negotiating a fair, balanced, mutual contractual agreement

HospiceChoice Rx provides all of these qualities and more. Contact us at (855) 826-1555 to learn more.